• Project Type: Ethnographic Studies & UX Design
  • Timeframe: May 2016 - Present
  • My Contributions: User Interviews + Research, Persona Creation, Sketches, Web Design + Development
  • Collaborators: Shade Bakare


In West African culture, there has always been a huge market for custom made clothing. The tailors in this underrepresented community work so diligently, yet the only way they truly showcase their work is through word of mouth. Similarly, clients lack the information necessary to make informed decisions before working with tailors. Living in a world where technology is transforming our communities, we set out to explore the potential technology gaps and uncover possible solutions to address the inefficiencies.


Create a digital platform to bridge the gaps between clients and the tailors, while increasing the visibility of the market.


30+ participants

10+ interviews

40+ tailors discovered

One on One Interviews

We began by asking a sample population about current processes in order analyze and determine how to build a solution that adds value.

Sample of responses:

Client: “If I want to have a garment sewn, I ask my mother, who asks her friends, who ask their friends. Until hopefully I find someone who has the availability to meet my deadline.”
Tailor: “This year I have tried to legitimize my business with a custom logo and packaging. However even though I put all my work on social media, it is difficult to be acquire new clients on a platform with limited opportunities for organic discovery.”
Client: “For my wedding, I had to travel over an hour to have someone tie my gele (traditional head-tie). It would have been nice to know if there was potentially someone near my location who could have done the same thing.”

Ethnographic Field Studies

Method: Met with two tailors in their studios to assess how they went about their everyday work.
Result: Gained authentic perspective from both tailors and clients that could only be assessed in their natural environment.


Method: Distributed online survey in order to collect a sample size of local tailors.
Result: Gathered contact information for 40+ tailors in the Atlanta area.



There are two main users in this experience: the client looking to have a garment sewn, as well as the tailor who is creating a profile to showcase their work.


  • 50-65 Years Old
  • Part-Time Tailor
  • 30 Years Work Experience
  • Limited Tech Experience


  • 25-30 Year Old Woman
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Needs Garment For Event
  • Has Tight Deadline


The completion of mock scenarios aided in our understanding of happy paths and potential deviations.


After conducting our research and analyzing our findings, we designed a web platform that addressed the gaps in the tailor and client interactions. Below are the user goals of our design:

Client Goal: Discover new tailors in their area and explore tailor work.
Tailor Goal: Showcase work and advertise business.



Based on our sketches, we created the following wireframes.
Check out the full versions here.



We are currently working on validating our website design in order to ensure a seamless experience for all actors.


  • Eye Tracking
  • Keystroke-Level Models
  • Observational Studies

Benchmark Tasks

  • Clients are able to filter through tailors based on location
  • Clients are able to view tailor profiles and work
  • Clients are able to contact tailors through the form on their profile
  • Tailors are able to easily create a profile
  • Tailors are able to edit, manage and update their profile information
  • Tailors are able to receive communication from potential clients