McBlain Books

  • Project Type: UX Design
  • Timeframe: May 2016 - July 2016
  • My Contributions: User Research, Design, & Hi-Fidelity Prototyping


Finding unique antique books online can be challenging. McBlain Books, a carrier of aged non-western books, makes it simple to find antique books that are not available at competitors such as Amazon. Due to their large inventory of books, their goal was to ensure that customers were able to discover books on their website through a seamless experience. With this in mind, I conducted customer surveys, analyzed their responses, and designed a new website structure that aligned with these goals.

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Create a website design that allows users to discover new books, while simplifying the process of browsing through the large inventory.

User Research

Target Population

  • Users who are ardent lovers and collectors of antique books.
  • Users seeking to increase non-western knowledge through books.


In order to understand user motivations and behaviors, we conducted a survey with past customers. Below is a sample of the results:

When shopping for a book on our site, what features do you like?

"That your catalogs are arranged by country."
"I like being able to search by category, and then narrow within that field, as there are many choices! The images of the books are also appealing. I also liked the essay section, though perhaps it could be incorporated into the "About us" section."

When shopping for a book on our site, what features do you dislike?

"The sheer amount of books is a bit overwhelming, making it a bit difficult to browse in the current format. Perhaps it would be easier to browse if the books could also be displayed in a gallery format? Or with rotating recommended books?"



Below is a snapshot of my design process that captures the flow from the
orginal website, to the wireframe, and the final mockup.
View full versions here.


Using InVision, I created a hi-fidelity prototype of the new design.

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