Genworth Financial

  • Project Type: User Research + Mockup Design
  • Timeframe: Summer 2014 / 3 months
  • My Contributions: UI Design, Mockups, Front-End Dev, Observational Study, Workshop Facilitator


Genworth Financial is a fortune 500 insurance company located in Richmond, VA. In 2014, the IT team introduced a new company-wide Intranet platform that was home to vital employee management tools and resources. However, a majority of users found it difficult to navigate.


To understand user motivations & problems in order to design a central intranet directory that allowed for a simple user experience.

User Research

Google Analytics

Using the features of Google Analytics, I was able to identify:
  • Most visited links/resources on the intranet.
  • Where users spent the most amount of time.

Observational Study

20+ users observed

30+ hours logged

Method: Held workshops and one-on-one sessions where I observed user frustrations and activities as they explored the platform.


  • Users spent 5+ minutes trying to recall memory of desired page locations.
  • Users were unaware of available help documentation.
  • Several pages on the intranet contained broken links.




Using JavaScript, HTML & CSS, I created an interactive prototype of the directory design and observed users in their natural environments as they used the design.


  • Users felt confident in their abilities to find desired pages/tools.
  • Users spent less time wandering the platform.