Bit + Bob

  • Project Type: Research & Branding
  • Timeframe: 2015 / 3 months
  • My Contributions: Research, User Flows, Package Mockup Design
  • Collaborators: Shade Bakare


YouTube is a huge enterprise with thousands of influencers who have millions of followings. One interesting characteristic about these followers is their loyalty. They praise the influencers and are heavily influenced by the products that they use and the clothing that they wear. While most youtube influencers advertise their favorite products in their videos or through links, this leaves out customers who do not want to buy the full version of an item. Bit + Bob is a curated box that addresses this gap by providing samples of these products.


Create a service that capitalizes on the large influencer market within YouTube. Bit + Bob aims to supply a subscription box that is handpicked by YouTube influencers and filled with samples of their favorite items.


40+ companies

20+ influencers


Our research focused on the 3 vital stakeholders in this problem domain:

  1. Partners: Youtubers/Influencers
  2. Buyers: Subscribers/Followers
  3. Providers: Vendors/Companies


  • In-Store Visits: Talked with representatives from beauty giants such as Elf and Sephora to understand possible challenges.
  • Competitor Analysis: Researched current subscription boxes to identify design overlaps.
  • Influencer Research: Created detailed profiles of 20+ influencers



There are two main users in this experience: the influencers and their subscribers.


  • 18-29 Year Old Woman
  • Full-Time Vlogger
  • Posts videos on beauty tips
  • 1 Million Subscribers


  • 12-25 Year Old Girl
  • Wants to learn and try new beauty tricks/products
  • Loves getting samples of beauty products


By creating mock scenarios, we were able to identify potential challenges and deviations. View full version.